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Begynder engelsk - Bø

Begynder engelsk

Engelsk fra 1. klasse. Det er virkeligheden i dette skoleår for rigtig mange skoler. Eleverne er vilde med sprog undervisning og derfor bruger vi det allerede fra skolestart.

Denne lille film er en god måde at få gentaget et par engelske hverdagsord. Søg selv efter flere på youtube.

Klik på de enkelte sange for at hente teksten

1 The Shape Song #1
2 The F Song
3 Hello, Reindeer
4 J-R Review Song
5 I’m A Little Snowman (Sing-along)
6 Skip to My Lou (C & S Sing-along)
7 The Skeleton Dance
8 One Little Finger
9 Good Morning, Mr. Rooster
10 What Do You Want For Christmas?
11 My Teddy Bear (Sing-along)
12 We All Fall Down
13 Counting Bananas
14 The G Song
15 Jingle Bells (Learn & Sing)
16 The S Song
17 Jingle Jingle Little Bell (Sing-along)
18 The Bear Went Over the Mountain (D & P Sing-along)
19 Who Took The Candy?
20 Walking Walking
21 Let’s Go To The Zoo
22 Put On Your Shoes
23 I Have A Pet (Sing-along)
24 Rain Rain Go Away (Learn It)
25 The Hokey Pokey Shake (Learn It)
26 The H Song
27 Decorate The Christmas Tree
28 The T Song
29 We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Sing-along)
30 She’ll be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain (E & Z Sing-along)
31 Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat? (Part II)
32 Are You Hungry?
33 Walking In The Jungle
34 See You Later
35 Yes, I Can (Sing-along)
36 Rain Rain Go Away (Play With It)
37 The Hokey Pokey Shake (Sing It)
38 The I Song
39 Santa’s On His Way
40 The U Song
41 S-A-N-T-A (Sing-along)
42 London Bridge (F & U Sing-along)
43 Goodbye, My Friends
44 Clean Up!
45 Hickory Dickory…Crash!
46 Please Sit Down And Storytime Music
47 Mary Had A Kangaroo (Sing-along)
48 Old McDonald (Learn It)
49 Rock Scissors Paper Fingerplay #2
50 A-I Review Chant
51 I’m A Little Snowman
52 The V Song
53 10 Little Elves (Sing-along)
54 Mary Had a Little Lamb (G & T Sing-along)
55 Hello, My Friends/Goodbye, My Friends (Sing-along)
56 If You’re Happy
57 My Teddy Bear
58 Sweet Dreams (Goodnight Song)
59 The Animals On The Farm (Sing-along)
60 Skidamarink
61 The Shape Song #2
62 A-I Review Song
63 Jingle Jingle Little Bell
64 The W Song
65 Santa, Where Are You? (Sing-along)
66 Frère Jacques (H & W Sing-along)
67 Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat? (Sing-along)
68 Days Of The Week
69 I Have A Pet
70 Count and Move
71 What Do You Hear? (Sing-along)
72 Happy Birthday (How Old Are You Today?)
73 Say Cheese! (Let’s Take a Picture)
74 Mystery Box
75 The J Song
76 We Wish You A Merry Christmas
77 The X Song
78 Little Snowflake (Sing-along)
79 Oh, Susanna (I & V Sing-along)
80 This Is The Way We Carve A Pumpkin (Sing-along)
81 I See Something Blue
82 Yes, I Can
83 Hello!
84 Wag Your Tail (Sing-along)
85 The Alphabet Chant
86 Hide and Seek
87 The K Song
88 S-A-N-T-A
89 The Y Song
90 Goodbye, Snowman (Sing-along)
91 Old McDonald (J & O Sing-along)
92 Can You Make A Happy Face? (Sing-along)
93 Head Shoulders Knees And Toes (Let’s Learn)
94 Mary Had A Kangaroo
95 Intro
96 How’s the Weather?
97 After A While, Crocodile (Sing-along)
98 The Months Chant
99 See You Later Alligator (Goodbye Song)
100 The L Song
101 10 Little Elves
102 The Z Song
103 Hello, My Friends
104 The Wheels on the Bus (K & X Sing-along)
105 Go Away, Ghoulie Goblin! (Sing-along)
106 Head Shoulders Knees And Toes (Let’s Sing)
107 The Animals On The Farm
108 Old McDonald (Play With It)
109 One Potato, Two Potatoes
110 Hello A, Hello Z
111 The Super Simple Alphabet Song
112 Bye Bye Goodbye
113 Rock Scissors Paper Play (Circle Time Version)
114 The M Song
115 Santa, Where Are You?
116 R-Z Review Chant
117 Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat?
118 The Hokey Pokey (L & Y Sing-along)
119 Five Creepy Spiders (Sing-along)
120 Ten In The Bed
121 What Do You Hear?
122 Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?
123 Eeney Meeney Miney Moe (Choosing Rhyme)
124 The Phonics Alphabet Song
125 Hello Hello! (Classroom Version)
126 Who Took the Cookie? (Circle Time Version)
127 The N Song
128 Little Snowflake
129 R-Z Review Song
130 This is the Way We Carve A Pumpkin
131 Row Row Row Your Boat (M & R Sing-along)
132 Give Me Something Good To Eat (Sing-along)
133 The Bath Song
134 Wag Your Tail
135 The Pinocchio
136 The Eensey Weensey Spider (Learn It and Sing It)
137 The A Song
138 Open Shut Them (Classroom Version)
139 Bedtime Medley
140 The O Song
141 Goodbye, Snowman
142 Goodbye A, Goodbye Z
143 Can You Make A Happy Face?
144 Review Chants
145 One For You, One For Me (Sing-along)
146 Five Little Monkeys
147 After A While, Crocodile
148 Five Little Pumpkins
149 Rock Scissors Paper Fingerplay #1
150 The B Song
151 Do You Like Brocolli Ice Cream? (Classroom Version)
152 The P Song
153 Hello, Reindeer (Sing-along)
154 Hello A, Hello Z (Sing-along)
155 Go Away, Ghoulie Goblin!
156 Review Songs
157 The Skeleton Dance (Sing-along)
158 The Alphabet Song (Let’s Learn)
159 Good Morning, Mr. Rooster (Sing-along)
160 Hello Hello!
161 Who Took the Cookie?
162 The Wheels on the Bus (Learn It)
163 The C Song
164 Bye Bye Goodbye (Classroom Version)
165 The Q Song
166 Jingle Bells (Learn & Sing) (Sing-along)
167 The Super Simple Alphabet Song/The Phonics Alphabet Song (Sing-along)
168 Five Creepy Spiders
169 Knock Knock Hello
170 Who Took The Candy? (Sing-along)
171 The Alphabet Song (Let’s Sing)
172 Let’s Go To The Zoo (Sing-along)
173 Open Shut Them (and Other Opposites)
174 The Wheels on the Bus (Sing It)
175 The D Song
176 Lullaby Medley
177 The R Song
178 Decorate The Christmas Tree (Sing-along)
179 If You’re Happy (A & N Sing-along)
180 Give Me Something Good To Eat
181 Make A Circle
182 Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat? (Part II) (Sing-along)
183 I See Something Pink
184 Walking In The Jungle (Sing-along)
185 BINGO (Learn It)
186 Uh-huh!
187 The E Song
188 Outro
189 J-R Review Chant
190 Santa’s On His Way (Sing-along)
191 Baa Baa Black Sheep (B & Q Sing-along)
192 One For You, One For Me
193 Seven Steps
194 Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat? (Bonus Version) (Sing-along)
195 Go Away!
196 Hickory Dickory…Crash! (Sing-along)
197 BINGO (Play With It)
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